Workshops & Training

Optimal Staff Training

Optimal Staff Training helps managers build a staff training process with 3 comprehensive tools.  These tools, Establishing Technical Terminology, Shaping Intervention Skills, and Making Clinical Decisions can be used to teach clinical staff to provide high quality services independently and systematically. The program will help your company’s managers improve how they train staff, determine when trainees reach criteria, and expand their team’s expertise in speaking about and delivering your agency’s distinctive services.

Optimal Staff Training helps managers train every employee on their team to fluidly perform the services your company provides.

Using tools that are easily integrated into your current service delivery model, managers will teach clinical staff to:

  • Precisely describe the service they provide.

  • Identify what needs to be done to achieve client goals and outcomes.

  • Implement services using best practices.

  • Develop analytic problem solving skills so employees adjust programming accurately and promptly.


Objectives of the Training:

  • to increase the use of effective management practices throughout your company

  • to establish standardized training practices across managers

  • to configure a customized training that teaches staff to talk about your service, implement the service, and make clinical decisions to accelerate client progress

  • to implement a new process for training and evaluating employee performance

Optimal/Six Boxes Management Development

Leading & Managing with the Six Boxes© helps managers define the performance they want to achieve in a clear, actionable way and then create flexible but comprehensive plans to develop individuals. Using two simple visual models, the Six Boxes Model and the Performance Chain model, the objective is to provide a powerful way to think about and plan for performance without cumbersome tools or processes. The program will help your company’s managers improve how they develop goals and objectives, pinpoint what it will take to achieve them, expand their team's capability, prepare people for promotion, cross-develop team members, do succession planning, and effectively define job roles.

Leading and Managing with the Six Boxes© helps people-managers reliably improve the performance and results of their people.

With two simple visual models, plain English language, and simple practical tools, the program ensures that managers can:

  • Define performance in actionable, measurable form – beyond SMART goals.

  • Identify what needs to be done to develop and support their performance.

  • Develop simple action plans with employees to improve their performance.

  • Develop people for expansion, promotion, team effectiveness, or other goals.

Objectives of the Training:

  • to improve the performance and engagement of employees through evidence-based management practices

  • to build a common foundation among managers about human performance and what drives it

  • to customize a management development curriculum that combines the best of existing modules with new programs and coaching

  • to develop a cohesive management team capable of refining and continuously improving management processes, tools, and culture within your business


Performance Improvement.

Optimal helps businesses increase their bottom line by improving performance on the front line.