Employee Performance Management

Employees are an organization’s most valuable resources. Companies spend considerable amounts of money and time developing and supporting their human resources. A critical component of this development and support is employee performance management. An employee’s performance is a measure of the ways in which their work-related behavior contributes to achievement of the organization’s business objectives. Managing this performance is the key to producing high achieving and reliable human resources. Below is a list and description of what is included in Optimal’s employee performance management solution:

Job Design

Performance-based, standardized job descriptions provide employees with clear and attainable job duties and responsibilities as well as the resources needed to accomplish them. We work with employees to explain the tools and their importance to achievement of the organization’s mission and goals – a critical factor in retaining valuable staff and preventing costly burnout.

Team Alignment

Individual team members receive coaching to establish vital skills and tactics that help them contribute effectively within a team dynamic. Teams also receive coaching as a group in order to promote cooperation and collaboration among team members and ensure that skills learned during one-on-one coaching sessions transfer to the workplace setting.

Management Training

Optimal trains your managers how to analyze and influence the performance of their direct reports, departments and teams through the application of evidence-based management practices. In order to ensure your managers execute these practices fluently and are confident in their skills and knowledge, they are exposed to both classroom style workshops as well as in the field coaching by our performance management consultants.

Staff Training

Optimal helps you establish proven, effective training tools and procedures to equip your employees to provide consistent, high quality service. And to ensure that your trainers and managers implement these tools easily and confidently, we expose them to both classroom style workshops as well as in-the-field coaching with our performance management consultants.

Job Support

Employees receive the tools and resources – including job aids, technological equipment and software, and information – needed to accomplish their job duties, which is the key to retaining valuable staff and preventing costly burnout.

Maximize achievement and success.

Optimal teaches business leaders to manage their human resources in ways that maximize every employee’s contribution to the success of the organization.