Our Framework

Human Performance Technology

Human Performance Technology (HPT) is a system for identifying and removing barriers to individual and organizational performance. It involves selecting from a wide range of possible interventions and maintaining positive factors while reducing negative influences. For example, by teaching managers strong leadership skills, Optimal enables them to manage their departments more effectively resulting in higher productivity and fewer errors.

Systems Theory

Systems theory has its origins in biology, where it is used as a means of explaining how various organisms in our ecosystems are inter-related. In the field of performance improvement, it is applied to examining how a group of people or processes work together to produce an end result.

Behavior Analysis

Most simply put, behavior analysis is the scientific study of behavior. When applied specifically to professional performance improvement, this involves studying how both biological and environmental factors interact to affect behavior, and developing tools and procedures to solve practical business problems.

Remove barriers. Think big.

Optimal uses HPT to guide the implementation of clear goals, smart design and efficient management that will allow your organization to flourish.