Our Company

Optimal is a Washington-based consulting company that applies the principles of behavior analysis to help companies improve their business performance. While our services have the potential to benefit all types of businesses, we have a particular expertise in the health and social services sector, and we are focused on helping businesses in this rapidly changing environment adapt and grow in a way that is sustainable, reducing unnecessary activity and costs while at the same time maintaining exceptional service.

As business people ourselves, we know that companies invest significantly in the development of thoughtful strategic plans and clear business processes.

As board certified behavior analysts, we also understand that the best-laid plans rarely succeed unless a company’s leadership and employee behavior align with its goals.

Behavior Analysis and Human Performance Technology offer a scientific approach to understanding human behavior in given situations, and to managing the influences in those situations to change behaviors for the better.

Optimal principal, Shane Isley, is both an entrepreneur and a certified behavior analyst. He has applied this combination of skills to founding and managing two successful companies. And in addition to his knowledge in the area of corporate performance improvement, he has applied the science of behavior analysis to research and clinical services at his company’s first division – Blueprints – which helps children and families make positive life changes.

In partnership with Donnie Staff, Shane established Optimal in 2007 to help businesses tap into this same approach. Since that time, the Optimal team of consultants has developed a reputation for consistently helping corporate clients adapt their organizational and individual behavior to achieve results that include improved corporate culture, profitability, customer service and other aspects of overall organizational success.

Adapt and Profit.

Optimal shows businesses where to reduce unnecessary activity and cut costs while teaching them to adapt to the environment in order to increase profits.