Organization & Performance Technology.

With practical and scientific solutions to performance problems, Optimal helps businesses realign processes & design performance systems for easy growth, rapid change, and increased profit.


Who We Help

Employee performance issues at any level of your organization can have widespread negative effects: on the efficiency of your operations, the quality of your service, the morale of your workforce and ultimately your profitability. If your business is experiencing any of the following challenges, Optimal can help:

  • Low staff morale or high employee turnover
  • Difficulty achieving profitability targets or other business results
  • Frequent customer complaints
  • Difficulty adapting to internal or external influence or change
  • Inefficient management practices or staff communication
  • Lack of time or budget for training

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What We Do

We work with companies – largely those in the health services industry – to design a workplace that enables excellent performance from all levels of management and employees.

Our approach is grounded in behavioral science and Human Performance Technology.

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We offer performance management solutions, workshops and training, coaching and customization of our services to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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Who We Are

Optimal is a Washington-based consulting company that applies the principles of behavior analysis to help companies improve their business performance. While our services have the potential to benefit all types of businesses, we have a particular expertise in the health and social services sector.  We are focused on helping businesses in this rapidly changing environment adapt and grow in a way that reduces unnecessary activity and costs while maintaining exceptional service.

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